Client Feedback:

“Angela Backstrom has done great work for me over my last two album cycles. She’s relentless, communicative, well connected and has met expectations fully. Angela has an amazing reputation in the business and her stamp of approval means something to radio professionals everywhere.”
– Charles Wesley Godwin

“Angela’s work ethic is simply the best. She is an incredible, caring and honest radio promoter. She blew my mind as to how long she kept my song and album in the top ten. I cannot wait to release new music so we can work together on my next project.”  Sunny Sweeney

“Truly the best in the bizz! Angela has been a game-changer for me. She took a chance on my music, believed in it, and in return exposed my songs to many hungry listening ears on appropriately placed radio stations. Her standards are high and if she believes in your sound then you can be sure others will too. As a fully independent artist with no label support, my debut album charted in the Top 30 Americana Album Radio Chart for seven weeks, landed at #1 on the Alt. Country Specialty Charts for four consecutive weeks, and even made an appearance in the Top 10 Country Albums on the Roots Music Report. Trustworthy, honest, and an absolute delight to have on your team.”  Kimmi Bitter

“To work with Angela is to hand your art over to someone who knows the right people, is self-starting and follows through. It’s the best thing I did for my two LPs. I always leave my conversations with her excited about my art, which tells you all you need to know. Thanks for being a part of my team..”
– Margo Cilker

“When I was putting together a team for my latest release I asked a few music programmers who they liked working with best. That’s how I first heard about Angela Backstrom and then decided to pitch my release to her. It wasn’t long before I understood what radio people like about her. Her knowledge of the landscape, her enthusiasm for the music, and her appreciation for the artists and the radio professionals is second to none. And as for results: my 2023 release was the only album in the Year-End Americana Radio Top Ten that did not have label support. Angela delivers.”  Slaid Cleaves

“Angela’s passion and tenacity never ceases to amaze me.  She inspires and motivates all stakeholders on any project she works on, and she gets results.  We love Angela!” – John Smith – Associate Director Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

“Angela came highly recommended from my peers and I knew I was fortunate when she took on my album. This was my first time hiring Radio and PR and Angela helped me put together an amazing team and literally made all my radio dreams come true.  As an Independent artist, I charted 3 weeks in Top 20 on the Americana chart, 5 weeks and running #1 on Alt Country Specialty Chart, spinning regularly on Sirius XM Outlaw Country, and I just signed with a Sync Licensing Company who heard one of my songs playing on LA’s KCRW public radio!  All along the way DJ’s and artists have sung her praises.  I look forward to the next time I work with Angela!.” Melissa Carper 

“One of my favorite qualities in Angela Backstrom is that she’s 100% no BS. She is honest, hardworking and selective with the records she works. To have her seal of approval carries weight in this industry. Her work ethic is unrivaled and comes through in the amazing work she does, pushing authentic music to radio. She is a great person all around and anyone who works with her knows she truly cares about the music and the artist..” – Jesse Daniel 

“Angela is an absolute gem. Every DJ I talked to during my record release loves and trusts her, and made sure to tell me so. I feel very lucky to have been able to work with her & hope to be able to again.”  – Jamie Lin Wilson 

“Angela is the best. Period.  Both professionally and personally.  There’s no way I can say enough positive things about her and her work. She builds the same relationships with radio that she builds with the artists, going above and beyond with both. In the time we have worked together she has had a huge impact on my career and I would easily recommend her to anyone.” – Jason Eady 

“Angela Backstrom is the hardest working person in Americana Radio, maybe in our whole little industry.  I feel so fortunate that she saw potential in our album and believed in my band enough to work with us. We had no idea we would spend 19 weeks in the top 40. If you have the opportunity to work with Angela, count your lucky stars, you hit the jackpot.” – Joshua Fleming – Vandoliers

 “Angela is one of the most straight-shooting hard-working people in this business where people like that are few and far between.  She makes it easier to just be an artist.” – Sam Morrow

“Angela Backstrom is a valuable conduit in the music community! During my first conversation with Angela I knew that she was the one I wanted to represent me! Her presentation, intuition, wit, warmth and ethics are just a few of the reasons that I hold her in such high regard! Angela went above and beyond for my record, for that I am eternally grateful!  She has become a dear friend that continues to inspire and empower my life and art!” – Jaime Wyatt

 “Angela did a fantastic job for Motel Mirrors and our album, ‘In the Meantime’, getting us all the way to #21 on the Americana Albums Chart. She’s a pleasure to work with, and a total professional with a real love and understanding of music, and it shows in her work. I can’t wait to work with her again.” – John Paul Keith

“Angela works all the angles hard and gives every record she agrees to work a fighting chance.” – John Porter

“Angela does what she says and says what she means.  At no time did we ever feel like she wasn’t giving 100%.  I’ve worked with a lot of radio promoters over the years and this has hands down been my best experience.” – Jerry Castle 

“Coming into this radio campaign we had absolutely no idea what to expect.  We’ve never even had a radio campaign before.  We were most added two of the first three weeks and it only got better from there! We spent 10 weeks in the Top 40 and peaked at number 17!  To say we’ve been thrilled with the results would be an understatement.  Thorough and timely radio reports with zero B.S.  I just can’t imagine a better promoter for the style of music that we play.” – Daniel Davis lead singer Folk Soul Revival 

 “Angela combines an affable, easy going attitude with true grit when it comes to getting things done. A rare gift and a pleasure to work with!” – Jonathan Een Newton – Operations Manager/ Free Dirt Records

 “Angela gets things done! She works harder then anyone else out there. She’s a badass and everyone loves her! She lives for this!” – Moot Davis

“Angela Backstrom excels in her line of work because of two simple things: passion and drive, rare virtues seriously lacking in the banal upper echelons of promoters cruise-controlling on their now-ancient achievements.” – JD Wilkes of Legendary Shack Shakers

 “Angela’s passion for music and tireless work ethic permeates everything that she does. I’ve rarely worked with anyone who is more capable and committed to the artists they represent.” – Austin Lucas

 “Angela is a magical singular force. We are proud to be represented by someone with such tenacity and integrity, and we look forward to working with her again in the future!” – Clay Parker and Jodi James

“Angela is the best. She was so helpful while we were getting the album set up for radio -she answered all of my questions and was always prompt, clear, and totally professional. She actively pushed our album to hundreds of stations, followed up with us weekly and whenever we needed help, and got us great results! Highly recommended.” – Karen Jonas

 “Thanks so much for everything.  You are absolutely the best of the best!” – Dallas Moore

“Angela is equal parts passion and professionalism. An absolute joy to work with.” – Derek Hoke

“Angela Backstrom is a fantastic communicator, gifted at her work and pleasant to do business with. No fluff, just results.” – Christy Hays

“I absolutely love working with Angela. She’s a lady after my own heart – with heart, enthusiasm and true grit!  When Angela takes on a project she puts her heart right into it with 100% commitment. Every detail is followed up and nothing left to chance.  Angela’s passion and enthusiasm are infectious, and she did a brilliant job on Bap’s album.” – Brenda Kennedy

“Angela has worked hard to build the relationships that are needed to make an album get the attention you want it to get.”  – Tim Easton

“Angela exceeded my expectations in every way possible. She was very communicative and offered great insight- I would work with her again in a heartbeat!” – Beth Bombara

“Angela is everything I was looking for in a radio promoter & then some!  She’s honest, extremely hard working & well respected in the industry.  I will definitely be using her in the future!” – Craig Gerdes

“Professionalism is an understatement when it comes to describing Angela. She’s a literal lighthouse in the cloud of the industry!!” – Dusty Rust

“Fortunately, because of Angela’s efforts, the phrase, “It’s hard to find good help these days” is a statement I can now use less often. I know where to find it, and I would seek out her expertise again for any future project. She is extremely communicative, and makes sure you know that your project is at the top of her list. Grade A.” – Joseph Huber

 “I couldn’t have asked for a better person than Angela Backstrom to promote my new album, “How to Survive.” Her hard work, dedication and passion for music, along with her overwhelming interest in doing the best possible job for her clients is what makes her shine! I felt throughout that there was a personal connection and knew without a doubt that she was working as hard as she could to help me get my music heard.” – Matt Woods

“Angela is a joy to work with and does a fantastic job. We owe a lot of chart success to her. Highly recommended!” – Travis Hill (Last Chance Records)

“Working with Angela has been an absolute pleasure. Combining passion, know how and a unique personal touch, Angela is quickly becoming a go to radio promoter in Americana Music. She is extremely knowledgeable, resourceful and the consummate team player. I’m looking forward to many more campaigns working together.” – Eric Corne (Producer, President of Forty Below Records)

 “Angela has genuine passion for all of the releases that she works.  It’s real.  She’s a great communicator, always on time, and goes the extra mile to make connections for the artist outside of the scope of the release at hand.  Highly recommended for independent artists that are emerging and on the cusp of breaking through to the next level.” – Brian Horton (Horton Records)

 “Angela showed from the start that she’s passionate about the music she represents and that gave me a lot of confidence in her. Well organized and highly motivated, I will be going to her with all my future projects.” – Levi Parham

 “Working with Angela Backstrom Promotions on our last full length release was awesome.  She’s dedicated to helping push the albums she’s working on as much as possible and is a pleasure to work with! We’ll definitely be looking to her with all future releases!” – Jenny Don’t

“Angela Backstrom did an incredible job pushing our latest record, Run It Right into the Wall.  She was very easy to work with and did a great job connecting the dots. You can tell that she really cares about the music and cares about the people behind the music.  Everyone else I’ve talked to has glowing things to say about her too and she is definitely someone in the alt country then Americana world you should know” – Ethan Anderson

“Angela Backstrom is the hardest working woman in show business. Always responsive, full of ideas, and always gives us the kind of insight into modern radio that any hard working band requires.” – Kevin Johnson

“In the music business you are constantly coming across people who talk a big game but fail to follow up… Angela, refreshingly, is the complete opposite.  She is honest and open about what she expects to achieve for an artist, easy to communicate with and is dedicated to delivering results.  I know in regards to friends of mine and myself she has come through with great results and I intend to work with her again for the next album” – Matt Joe Gow

“I love working with Angela. Her great energy and enthusiasm for the music comes through in everything she does!” – Jason Wilber

Industry & Radio Professionals:

“Angela is my best resource for new Americana music. Her taste in selecting artists is amazing, and I know that if she is working with someone she is fully vested in their music, which makes my job as a programmer and booker in New Orleans so much easier.”   – Jimi Palacios (Nola County)

“Angela Backstrom works harder than most to get her artists the recognition they deserve, and in ways that often resonate farther than just the radio format. If you’re looking to release an album or launch a career,  I can’t think of anyone else better to have in your corner.” – Trigger (Saving Country Music)

“Angela is amazing. She selects strong acts, works them hard and smart, and gets stellar results.” – Ernie Hopseker (Ocean Beach Radio)

“Angela’s submissions are always a treat to preview.  She has an ear for talent that is unerring.” – Danny Birch (Radio Vagabond)

“Angela’s formula for success combines passion and persistence.  She works as passionately on behalf of her clients as any radio promoter that I’ve interacted with over the years.  Combined with her persistence, in the form of friendly and timely introductions, reminders and follow-ups about new releases that she’s working, artists in her portfolio (especially emerging or underappreciated artists) can rest assured that they’ve hired an effective radio promoter who will be a tireless advocate.” – Warren Catlett (Radio Free Americana)

“Angela is a fighter for the Independent Americana Artist.  Her client roster represents the musical styles that the Americana format was founded on.  I appreciate that Angela understands our approach to the roots music format and keeps me informed on artists that I may have overlooked.  Her informative, but not pushy, approach to radio promotion is helpful to both her clients and music directors alike.” – David Ludwig (TCMN/ KSYM)