Radio Services

Angela Backstrom Promotions specializes in Americana radio promotion helping Americana bands and musicians get radio airplay around the country on Americana and some AAA radio formats.

I target Americana reporting radio stations, some Texas radio, some AAA, non-commercial, internet radio and commercial-specialty shows.  Firstly I need to listen to your release in order to determine if it’s something I can work with.
My passion is working REAL roots music to radio. I am all about the song – Lyrics are #1 in my world – hooks and production.

My job is to call these stations on behalf of you and get you airplay and feedback for your new release in addition to setting up radio interviews in touring markets wherever possible. You will need CD’s to service to radio stations around 220 for a campaign.  I work with labels and independents and look forward to listening to your forthcoming release. Radio campaigns usually run 12-16 weeks.  Feedback from radio is provided to you in detailed weekly reports.

Send your digital submission & a bio to:

Please include your contact information, including a phone number and allow 7-14 business days for a reply.